Senator urges native animals as pets

Forget cats and dogs. Imagine picking up a baby Tasmanian devil or wombat at the local pet shop.

That’s what Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm wants, mainly to stop Australia’s native animals becoming extinct.

The senator doesn’t believe taxpayers can effectively save native wildlife through national parks, citing Australia’s 11 per cent extinction record.


He reckons they have disappeared because they were owned by everyone but belonged to no-one.

As a result there was no incentive for anyone to keep them safe from predators.

Senator Leyonhjelm has a problem with Australians owning animals that can kill native wildlife but not allowing people to protect the prey.

“Just as dogs and cats are in no danger of dying out, the same will be true if native animals are privately owned.”

He admits there could be issues with owning some native wildlife, especially those that are nocturnal.


*This article was originally published on Sky News – click to read in full.