Senior politicians outraged over young LNP member’s ‘racist’ video

Senior politicians are up in arms after a young LNP member from the Gold Coast posted a racist video online.

The video shows Gold Coast Young LNP chairman Barclay McGain smiling at a racist comment made by a schoolie during an interview in Surfers Paradise.

The schoolie who made the comment is also believed to be a member of the Young LNP.


The video was published on the Gold Coast Young LNP Facebook page on Monday night and quickly taken down, though not before it sparked outrage.

Senior politicians have now also spoken out over the video, and calling for immediate action from the LNP.

Labor Senator Murray Watt has been particularly active on Twitter, claiming the behaviour unfortunately isn’t a one-off.

“Today’s @LNPQLD racism scandal is not a one off incident involving random kids. It is the latest in a pattern of events involving Young LNP members, who are connected to Federal MPs, endorsing racist and extremist views.

“It wasn’t that long ago that the President of the University of Qld LNP Club was caught out saying he would have joined the Nazi Party in 1930s Germany.

“And then there was that time when Young LNP members were photographed giving the “white power” sign, while campaigning with Qld LNP Senator James McGrath.

“There is a pattern here. There is a growing racist and extremist tendency in the @LNPQLD. They’ve even had far-right extremist Neil Erikson attend a “conservative recruitment event” for the LNP on the Gold Coast last year,” Murray Watt’s Twitter thread reads.

The Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch released a statement earlier today, calling for the Opposition Leader to act immediately.

“The Opposition Leader needs to call out these statements for what they are and that’s racist.

“These kinds of view should not be allowed to simmer within any organisation. Swift action needs to be taken.

“It’s already been out there for more than 12 hours so I can’t understand why she hasn’t already called it out and taken action against the people involved.

“It’s disturbing on many levels.

“It’s endorsed by the Gold Coast Young LNP’s chair who laughs along with the racist comments and the person who makes the comments pretends they’re not a member of the LNP.

“In fact, the person who makes the comments has been pictured with senior federal government LNP MPs including Peter Dutton and former state LNP candidates – the same LNP candidate who posed with someone wearing blackface.

“He’s even been thanked in the federal parliament by the Member for Petrie.

“I’ve called out this kind of behaviour from the LNP before and I’ll keep calling it out until it stops,” Ms Enoch said.

LNP Leader Deb Frecklington has condemned the video, telling reporters multiple times ‘this is inappropriate and the party is taking action’.

It’s understood the LNP will convene a meeting of the Presidents Committee this afternoon to suspend members involved in the the video until the State Executive can decide whether or not to expel them.