Separating the Men from the Boys: The Bachelorette Episode 6 recap

We open Ep 6 with awkward Osher once again trying to make friends and failing dismally. He leaves the single date card on the table and skips away.

Quiffed up and ready for love, fireman Cam scores the single date with Bachie-ette. This is Cam’s opportunity to get out of the “friend zone” after pussy-ing out of smacking lips with her early on in the series.


Georgia is perched on a rug in the middle of a field. But it’s not just any rug – “it’s Aladdin’s magic carpet” she announces. The date is Disney themed because Cam and Bachie-ette lurrrve Disney.

The magic carpet doesn’t fly so they catch a chopper to their next destination which involves Cam laying on the ground fully clothed and Georgia placing 15 Dalmatian puppies on his chest in some sort of weird initiation.


No kiss.

He pussies out again and Georgia resorts to kissing a Dalmatian puppy. But the date’s not over yet. A romantic dinner.


He loosens his chastity belt and the two pash on for what seems like eternity.

It’s hot. There’s fireworks. GO CAM!

The Group Date is everything dreams are made of.

The lads wear bike pants that leave nothing to the imagination. Sam’s peanut is visible and Rhys cares more about his hair then the task at hand.

Next, it’s oil wrestling. MY GOD. Tie me to the chair to save me from sliding off.

Georgia oils the lads up and Lee looks every bit the sex god.

The boys and Bachie-ette watch the cock-fight from the side of the ring as Matt vs Rhys.

Matt slams Rhys to the ground. Rhys feigns injury to his shoulder and dons a sling for the rest of the episode (blah blah who cares).

Another single date and it’s Matty’s turn.

Matty is super duper excited about playing croquet and drinking champagne with Bachie-ette. The date goes well – Georgia eats Matty’s face and it’s the sexiest kiss her pin-lips have ever experienced.

Cocktail Party time!

Rhys pulls out the snitch card and tells Georgia he thinks there’s some boys amongst the men in the house. He rats on Sam. Take your tortoise shell specs and go home already Rhys.

At the Rose Ceremony, Cam and his hose are safe from elimination.

Georgia ticks off the lads she wants to pash one-by-one and there’s 2 left on the podium.

Matt’s red cheeks flare up, while Ryan’s eyes well up.

Poor Ryan gets the boot and Australia cries with him as he jumps into the limo with tear-stained cheeks and heads home to mummy.