Serena Williams questions Aussie fans over ‘blacking up’ their faces in vegemite

SERENA Williams wants Aussie fans to justify why they are ‘blacking up’ their faces with vegemite and nutella in support of Nick Kyrgios.

Kyrios supporter Mitchell McConachy sparked the trend when he messaged the rising star on Facebook and said he would cover his face in Vegemite if Kyrios replied.

Kyrgios replied saying: “This is so awesome – thanks so much for the support dude… Doesn’t get more Australian than support of your locals and a face full of Vegemite.”


More and more fans have since jumped on the bandwagon, covering their faces in vegemite and nutella and posting photos on social media.

The weird trend has divided people on social media, with some saying it has racial undertones.

When asked about the trend, Serena Williams said she wanted to know why fans thought ‘blacking up’ with coloured spread was appropriate.

“I think you’re better asking the fans that question. Maybe they can give you some insight. And let me know, I’d be interested to know.”