“Are you serious man?!” Unemployed Sydney man wins $50 million

A man from Western Sydney has won $50 million in Thursday’s Powerball Lotto.

The man, aged in his 30s and who wishes to remain anonymous, was the only division one winner.

“No! No! No! Don’t tell me that!” the man said when he received the life changing call from NSW Lotteries.


“Are you serious man?!  I’ll probably faint. Hold on. Let me take a deep breath please.

“I don’t know what to do.  What should I do now?  Should I call my mum?  Should I hug my wife?  What do I do?”

The man, who has been unemployed since the end of last year, said he wants to share the money with those in need.

“I genuinely want to help people, so some sort of charity,” he said.

“I want to open a restaurant… that’s my passion! and give 50% of the food away for free to people who need it.

“I don’t need profits, but there are homeless, students who are struggling, and people in need.”

The man said he had been discussing the future with his wife when the phone rang.