Seven people arrested in second raid on Gold Coast drug house in 13 months

POLICE have arrested 7 people after raiding a house on the Gold Coast and seizing a stash of dangerous drugs.

The group was arrested after officers stormed the Glenwater Crescent home around 7.30am on Wednesday.

It’s understood police found a stash of cash, crystal meth (ice), MDMA and cannabis inside the house.


Seven people were arrested and have spent the day in police custody, being quizzed by detectives.

Police say at least 28 charges are likely to be laid against those arrested at the house this evening.

It’s not the first time police have raided the Glenwater Crescent home for drugs.

Officers executed a search warrant at the same house in May last year and seized 752g of methamphetamine, 13.75g of cocaine, 45g of MDMA and 137.5g of cannabis along with $60,000 in cold hard cash.

Three people, two men aged 49 and 50 and a 31-year-old woman, were arrested and charged with more than 20 offences as a result of that operation.