Several dead after bridge collapses on cars in the US

A number of people have been killed after a newly installed pedestrian bridge collapsed over several lanes of traffic in the US state of Florida.

According to officials, eight vehicles were trapped in the wreckage of the 950-tonne bridge and eight people have been taken to hospitals.

The death toll has yet to be officially confirmed, with the number expected to rise through the day.


Television footage showed firefighters were walking across the flattened wreckage and medics treating injured people. Emergency personnel appeared to be trying to work their way through a hole in the top of the bridge.

Emergency personnel with sniffer dogs are continuing to search for signs of life amid the wreckage of concrete and twisted metal.

At one point, police had requested television helicopters to leave the area so rescuers could hear for any sounds of people crying for help.

The bridge, which connects Florida International University with the city of Sweetwater and was installed on Saturday in six hours over the eight-lane highway to help people cross what is one of the busiest roads in South Florida.