Severe weather warning reduced for the Gold Coast

UPDATE @ 4.00PM | Weather forecasts for the Gold Coast have taken a turn for this afternoon, with the Bureau now saying we’ll avoid more heavy rain and potential storms.

Earlier, we’d been told to brace for a ‘likely’ severe thunderstorm in the region, which was tipped to worsen rainfall totals across the coast and hinterland regions.

However, the Bureau has now issued an update, saying the threat of damaging winds and heavy rainfall is now gone.


We could still see a thunderstorm later on, but it isn’t expected to be severe.

However, we’re not in the clear just yet, with severe weather warnings remaining place for damaging surf and abnormally high tide.

A king tide is expected tomorrow morning, but spring tides have been abnormally high today as well.

Rosa Hoff from the Bureau told myGC the rain hasn’t helped the situation at all.

“The spring tides would already be high on their own, and this weather event could produce seasoned swell which would already also be significant on its own.

“But having the combination of them both is leading to very dangerous and very hazardous conditions out on the waters with waves reaching up to 10 metres,” Ms Hoff said.

A hazardous surf warning will remain in place for the Gold Coast through to midnight on Tuesday at this stage.

EARLIER @ 2.00PM | The Gold Coast could be in for a severe thunderstorm this afternoon, according to the Bureau’s latest forecast.

A severe weather warning is still in place today, with the coast to expect heavy rainfall, damaging winds, abnormally high tides and hazardous surf.

It follows a wild couple of days for the Gold Coast and much of the southeast, but we’re now being told it could still worsen before improving.

Rosa Hoff from the Bureau has this afternoon told myGC that a severe thunderstorm is likely for the Gold Coast later on.

“So we do have a risk of a severe thunderstorm over the region, a severe thunderstorm is likely over the Gold Coast this afternoon with the main hazards to watch out for being heavy rainfall.

“With the situation we’re in, we have a heavy rainfall risk from a number of causes.

“Certainly any thunderstorm development is usually a bit of a deeper cloud, it’s bigger and it can cause more rain.

“And so definitely be on the watch out for any storms in the area, severe or non severe.

“But we also have bigger patches of rain, and more rain-containing cloud moving in from out over the ocean, which is on its own another contributor to seeing those rainfall totals increase.

“So while a storm might bring a lot of rain in a short amount of time, these big rain clouds that we still have over the ocean that are heading for us could bring larger totals over a longer period of time,” Ms Hoff said.

The Gold Coast Mayor says he’s been warned this afternoon could potentially be very dangerous for the city, and has had to take unprecedented action in regards to closing off flooded roads.

“From 2pm to 8pm today, we may receive another 300 ml of rainfall.

“Unfortunately the hinterland remains in the firing line, so heavy rainfalls are expected in the catchment area.

“I keep saying that when it’s flooded, forget it, but it’s to the extent that some crossings where some people are still trying to go around and not listening.

“In some crossings I will put hard barriers, so you cannot cross.

“It’s the first time doing that, but we’re doing it for a good reason.

“Even if the rain dies down a little bit, even tomorrow morning, the build up of rainfall – the holding pattern – there can still be flash flooding,” the Mayor said.

Sand bagging stations will stay open until 6pm tonight, at several locations across the Gold Coast.

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The gale force wind warning in place today is expected to drop back to just a strong wind warning for tomorrow, with hazardous surf conditions to east with an easterly swell moving in later on.

But Chief Lifeguard Warren Young says it will still be very dangerous at the beach, and they will likely be closed again.

“Once again the beaches will be closed, just as a precaution, there’s a lot of current inshore and it s not worth going down, especially in the morning on the incoming tide.

“Be aware of that, if you’re thinking of having a look,” Mr Young told myGC.