Energex crews brave extreme conditions to restore power

5:00PM | Energex crews have worked hard in extreme weather conditions to restore power to thousands of homes and business on the Gold Coast.

Wild winds brought down power lines in Palm Beach, Southport, Labrador, Currumbin, Springbrook and Tugun.

During the height of the outage, more than 6000 customers were affected.


At 5pm, just 576 homes and business were waiting to be reconnected.

2:25PM | More than 6000 homes and businesses are now without power on the Gold Coast.

At 2.20pm, 6347 customers were without power in Palm Beach, Southport, Labrador, Springbrook, Tugun, Mermaid Beach and Currumbin.

More than 2,200 homes and businesses were affected in Palm Beach, 1000 in Labrador, 799 in Tugun and 760 in Southport.

Energex crews are working hard to restore services.

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1:50PM | Wild winds have knocked down power lines on the Gold Coast, cutting power to more than 2000 homes and businesses.

At 1:50pm, 2,245 customers were without power in Mermaid Beach, Mermaid Waters, Palm Beach, Tugun, Carrara, Currumbin and Springbrook.

According to Energex, power lines have been brought down in Mermaid Beach, Springbrook and Currumbin.

Trees have also fallen on power lines in Mermaid Beach. More than 500 customers are affected in this area alone.

Energex crews have been dispatched to restore services.

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