Sex doesn’t sell – celebrities do

LADY Gaga was getting changed and accidentally flashed a nipple.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have a baby girl named James.

North West is cranky because she’s a toddler, and because her parents gave her the ridiculous name North West.


All of the above is apparently news, if we’re to believe what the newspapers and websites are telling us.

And we’re craving information on every last details in their lives.

As I get older (and wiser – definitely wiser) I guess I’m struggling to understand why we all dedicate so much time and energy into cataloguing the daily habits of a handful of rich, beautiful people?

Celebrities are routinely asked about their partners, kids, diets and daily habits and we as the general public almost get offended if and when someone famous doesn’t want to talk about it in an interview. If the stories were written about our neighbours or our colleagues, would we care?

“Jim from number accounts just got a tattoo on his arm! And Annie’s daughter next door has had her hair lopped off… into a bob!”

Can’t see it happening, because… It’s really not that interesting.

Until Kim Kardashian does it. If Kim’s $1,000-an-hour hairdresser chops two inches off her plush locks, it becomes breaking news deemed so important it may appear on the CNN news ticker.

Because sex doesn’t sell anymore – celebrities do.

And if it’s a combo deal of sexiness and a celebrity? Sales go through the roof, Rupert banks another half-mill and everyone’s a winner.

Except, occasionally, the celeb. Such was the case when Kate Middleton was caught out in a topless sunbathing fiasco a few years back – we all remember that, don’t we?

She was on holiday with Prince William in a very private location and decided she wanted to give the girls some sun. A photographer used an incredibly sophisticated telescopic lens and photographed her from hundreds of metres away, and the photos were then published in a French magazine.

The photos were ultimately ‘retracted’, after a lengthy and expensive court battle.

It’s this complete violation of privacy that makes me actually feel a grain of compassion and sympathy for celebrities these days, because although they have millions of dollars and fame and adoration and private planes and butlers and all the rest…

Actually, scratch that.

I just remembered that they have millions and fame and adoration and private planes and butlers. When you’ve got all of that, what’s a little invasion of privacy between friends?!

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