Sex offender on the run caught after taunting police on Facebook

Just hours after mocking police to come find him, dangerous sex offender Damien Kennedy has been captured in Wollongong.

The 28-year-old has been on the run since he cut off his tracking device in Brisbane on Monday afternoon.

Queensland police have confirmed his capture.


Earlier today he tried to throw police off his trail, by tagging his location on Facebook as in Rockhampton.

Earlier @ 10:00am

A dangerous sex offender has taken to social media to taunt Queensland police after cutting off his tracking device and going on the run.

Damien Kennedy, 28, was on supervised release after serving jail time for rape and assault with the intent to commit rape.

He was last tracked at Salisbury, south of Brisbane, on Monday.

Since then he’s been on the run and has posted a message on Facebook saying he’s in Rockhampton, taunting police writing: “Come get me morther f**ckers (sic)”.

However, investigators believe the message could be a smokescreen and say he may be hiding just north of the Gold Coast at Logan.

7 News Queensland is reporting Kennedy may be travelling in his silver 1999 Hyundai Sonata possibly with a woman.

Court documents show he’s had six major violations for drugs and tested positive for illicit drugs before cutting off his tracker.