Sexual harassment claims take a violent turn at Parliament House

Political drama has turned violent in Canberra, after a physical clash broke out between a United Australia Party Senator and a One Nation adviser.

Video footage has been released of Senator Brian Burston shoving One Nation advisor James Ashby in Parliament House.

Senator Burston, who left the One Nation Party last year, claims Mr Ashby approached him and his wife as they were leaving a function, putting a phone in their face.


He also claims he was injured in the tussle, when he tried to grab the phone from Mr Ashby.

It’s believed the altercation may have turned violent after Senator Burston accused One Nation leader Pauline Hanson of sexually harassing him in the past.

Though Senator Hanson has addressed those claims, and says she isn’t that ‘desperate’.

It follows similar claims on Tuesday night, when Senator Hanson used her parliamentary privilege to accuse an unnamed Senator of sexually harassment women in his office, and using taxpayer money to keep them quiet.

Senator Burston apparently outed himself to Newscorp as the one she was referring to, but denied all claims.

The incident has apparently been reported to the Australian Federal Police.

Late last night Pauline Hanson reportedly returned to her office to see ‘blood’ smeared on her door.