Sexy time on the Gold Coast

SO who went to Sexpo on the weekend?

Come on, no point in being shy.

Really, there is no point because everyone is going to know soon enough anyway.


This is Queensland 2014, baby.

There were close circuit television cameras and, with facial recognition technology, your files held by the Newman Government’s Secret Police branch have probably already been updated.

The good news is that being a secret branch all the information is confidential.

The bad news is they have to brief Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie and we all know how bad he is at keeping secrets.

He’s like a 13-year-old girl running to tell her mates about every private conversation she has to prove how popular she is.

He also dances like a 13-year-old girl but you will have to look that up on YouTube.

(I am serious, look it up).

The three-day sexy time showcase was supposedly a huge drawcard for the Gold Coast with organisers estimating it would inject $1 million into the Gold Coast economy.

Inject – geddit? Hubba hubba.

But I’d like to know how.

Where was this $1 million being spent and who benefited from it?

They looked after our pensioners though, charging seniors just $15 compared to the normal $27 adult entry.

VIPs paid $40.

I don’t want to know what they got for their extra money.

But the most offensive aspect of Sexpo was its really bad television ad.

It was basically a mature lady rolling her eyes to express her lusty delight as she joined a young couple entering the exhibition.

I don’t know what it meant but it was disturbing.

But they really didn’t need much advertising.

Being all about sexy time the exhibition got way more free media coverage than most trade shows held in the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre.

For example, the next exhibition is the Wellness in Golden Years event.

I’ve seen nothing in the news about that. Nothing!

Still, I bet the organisers miss the olden days in Brisbane when there was such community outrage about Sexpo they got weeks and weeks of free publicity.

Damn you, you sexy time loving Gold Coasters.

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