Shannon Noll blasts ‘moron’ who threw firecracker on stage

Aussie singer Shannon Noll has hit out at a crowd member who left two of his band mates with injuries after throwing a firecracker on to the stage of one of his shows.

“I’m all about having fun at a show but tonight was completely idiotic!” the What About Me singer wrote on his Facebook page.

‘Nollsie’ explained that the ‘bunger’ landed near his keyboard player at the end of their gig at the South West Rocks Country Club on Friday night.


“My keyboard player stood on it and it has nearly blown his foot off.

“Let alone my drummer who caught shrapnel that cut his arm and hopefully his hearing will come back because he was 6 foot away from the blast!”

Police have confirmed, band member Michael Tan suffered superficial burns to his foot and was treated at the scene.

They are investigating the incident and have asked for witnesses to come forward.

“Police were patrolling the club at the time of incident and spoke to a number of people and investigations are continuing,” NSW Police said in a statement.

Noll claims the incident could have been much worse if Tan didn’t try to control it.

“Thank goodness Michael Tan didn’t kick it back into the crowd unknowing the damage it could’ve caused! I hope security caught the d***head who threw it! Always 1 f***in moron.”