Shannon Noll wrestles an unwelcome guest out of his pub show

Shannon Noll’s making headlines again, after getting involved in another pub tussle on the New South Wales mid-north coast.

But… it’s not what you think! The Australian Idol runner up was having a tense go-around with a pesky python, that had slithered up a storm in front of nervous patrons.

The Aussie singer was arriving at a pub in Coffs Harbour for a show, hearing screams instantly before discovering a large python was causing quite the disturbance.


Not the man to be outdone by a snake in a pub, Nollsie leapt into action, quickly showing the reptile who’s boss.

“I just grabbed him by the tail and sort of got him out, coz he was sort of in a store room next to where they were all sitting,” Nollsie told Nine.

“So I just sort of coaxed him out, and he was sort of getting tangled around all the tables and that so I thought I’d grab him by head.”

What is it with Nollsie and the pub?


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