Shark nets removed from SE Qld beaches due to dangerous weather

Shark control nets across South East Queensland are being removed from the water due to forecasts of rough weather and dangerous sea conditions.

Fisheries Queensland Manager Shark Control Program Jeff Krause said the nets at Rainbow Beach, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast were being removed.

“With the predictions of large swells this weekend, we are taking precautionary measures and removing the nets before they become a potential hazard,” Mr Krause said.


“All nets will be removed from the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Rainbow Beach.”

Mr Krause said high seas caused by strong winds can cause some gear to become adrift.

“Gear that is loose in the water can be a danger to swimmers and that’s why we are removing the apparatus,” he said.

“We remind swimmers and surfers to take advice from the lifesaving service as to whether it is suitable to be in the water at all.

“Once conditions improve, the nets will be returned to the water.”