Sharks on the move out of murky Gold Coast water

Sharks are leaving behind murky water in Gold Coast estuaries and canals in search of a feed, potentially putting swimmers at risk.

Last weekend’s wild weather and heavy rainfall has generated the changes in local waterways and shark experts are warning swimmers about the possible danger.

Queensland Shark Control Program Manager Jeff Krause said this is when sharks will be on the move.


“Shark activity, especially bull sharks, will be on the increase in estuaries and beaches (following the weather event),” Mr Krause said.

He also confirmed shark nets could be removed from Gold Coast beaches if forecast dangerous surf develop next week.

“We are continuing to monitor weather forecasts (for next Monday and Tuesday) and if large swells are predicted, we’ll endeavour to remove the shark control equipment so it doesn’t become a potential hazard in the water.”

“Swimmers need to take steps to protect themselves, by considering where and when they swim.”

“People should always swim at patrolled beaches and between the flags to reduce the risk of a shark attack.”

Here are a few swimmer safety tips to reduce the risk of a shark attack:

  • Swim or surf only at patrolled beaches and between the flags
  • Obey lifesavers’ and lifeguards’ advice, and heed all sign and safety warnings
  • Leave the water immediately if a shark is sighted
  • Do not swim or surf after dusk, at night or before dawn when sharks are most active
  • Do not swim or surf in murky waters
  • Do not swim in or near mouths of estuaries, artificial canals and lakes
  • Never swim alone
  • Never swim when bleeding
  • Do not swim near schools of fish or where fish are being cleaned
  • Do not swim near or interfere with shark control equipment
  • Do not swim with animals

Click here for more information on shark control in Queensland, or call 13 25 23.