Sharon Strzelecki returns with hilarious ISO dance praising health care workers

Need a bit of a break from all the COVID-19 news out there? So does Sharon Strzelecki, and she’s got you covered for a laugh today.

The famed Fountain Lakes netballer (aka Magda Szubanski) has made a brief return to our screens, after almost two decades since Kath and Kim stole our hearts, to bring a bit of joy amidst the coronavirus crisis.

She’s also given a hearty nod to all of Australia’s incredible front line health care workers, by incorporating them into her dance spectacular.


Through a mix of re-written lyrics, jazzy hip swinging and some good ol’ Sharon fun – she’s provided a little giggle for the end of your long weekend.

“ISO dance with Sharon and the Health Care Workers,” it’s called.

“Noice, strong, courageous. A special Sharon shout out to all our healthcare workers, on the frontline and behind the scenes.

“To paraphrase Sir Elton John: “I know it’s not much, but it’s the best I can do. My gift is my dance and… this one’s for you,” her Instagram post reads.

Thanks Magda, Sharon, ya legend. We needed this.

And as always – a super special thanks to our health care workers. You’re incredible.

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