Shayna Jack to “leave no stone unturned” in fight to clear her name

Australian swimmer Shayna Jack has revealed she will not stop until she proves her innocence over a failed drug test, which saw her sent home from an Australian swim camp just weeks before the world championships in South Korea.

The 20-year-old emerged from an almost five-hour long briefing on her positive test to the banned substance Ligandrol with ASADA officials in Brisbane this afternoon.

It’s the first time the swimmer has spoken to the media since the news broke last week.


“I’m not going to stop until I prove my innocence,” she said.

“I’ll fight to get myself back into the pool because that’s my dream.”

Jack’s Lawyer Paul Horvath read a short statement praising the swimmer.

“As Shayna stated we will leave no stone unturned in preparing her defence to this case,” he said.

“Shayna has handled herself very well today, through a long and challenging process especially for a 20-year-old.

“She’s been very honest to date which she doesn’t have to be.”

He said the next step in the process is “that we expect correspondence from ASADA in about four to six weeks but beyond that we can make no further comment.”

Shayna faces a four year ban from the sport if she can’t prove her innocence.