Shock as two people are arrested on The Block

The Block was thrown into chaos overnight, when police stormed the set of the popular renovation show and arrested two of the site’s tradies.

Contestants of the show were left gobsmacked and a little confused after witnessing the men being led away in handcuffs during Tuesday night’s drama-filled episode.

However, it was soon revealed that the pair were allegedly the ones behind the ‘suspicious spendings’ on Norm and Jess’ credit card a few weeks ago.


The fan favourites were forced to defend themselves after a few dodgy transactions, including over $90 worth of Charcoal Chicken, was discovered on their credit card statement.


Last night the couple expressed their shock and disappointment after finding out exactly who had been using their card.

“They stole our credit card from inside our apartment, and still smiled at us for the last few weeks. I cannot believe it,” Jess exclaimed.

“I sung Happy Birthday to them! I’ve given them food and drinks!

“For them to look at you in the eye every single day and be like ‘Hello!’, and they’ve bloody stolen off ya. That’s insane.”

Scotty Cam confirmed one of the labourers was convicted of theft and credit card fraud which resulted in him being deported, while the other man was released without charge.

Suncorp also refunded the money to Jess and Norm.