Shock closure of popular Gold Coast childcare centre

Parents and staff have expressed their disbelief after the sudden closure of a popular Gold Coast childcare centre.

Kids Academy at Hope Island has reportedly shut its doors, with next to no notice and no information on whether it will ever reopen.

Removalists have been seen at the site on Halcyon Way for most of the day.


Staff have also been seen ‘saving’ children’s artwork from the centre.

A text message was sent to parents and staff at 9.30pm on Thursday night, informing them that they would not be opening on Friday due to ‘unforeseen circumstances.’

They have since been told the closure was not COVID-19 or health-related.

The move has angered parents, who had nowhere to send their kids on such short notice.

Kids Academy promotes on its website that its Hope Island centre provides education and care for up to 250 children per day, from babies right through to high-school aged children using a network of play rooms.

Parents and staff members who have contacted myGC say they have been ‘blindsided’ and ‘gutted’ by what has happened and are demanding answers.

Kids Academy has been contacted for comment.

A call to the centre was answered by a staff member who told myGC she “wasn’t aware” that the centre had closed, before hanging up.

A staff meeting is due to be held at the centre this afternoon.

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Image: Supplied

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What do we tell our 3 year old granddaughter on Monday when she can’t go to kindy and play with her friends or see the teachers she adores?? How did this happen and why did I not get notice the place was closed when I turned up with her, all excited on Friday? I can’t just relocate her into a new kindy with new people when for the first time in her short life she has stability, familiarity and continuity of friendships and is no longer frightened to be apart from me. Someone is accountable for this mess. It’s not about the adults – this is a place our young ones feel safe, loved, have formed close bonds with others as well as having fun while being educated. Absolutely shattered ?

Someone should end up behind bars for this sort of disgraceful behaviour. The number and ages of the children effected is a real concern and the way this has been handled amounts to child abuse.
Did they receive government money from the Covid-19 windfall?? Lets hope there is a thorough investigation and full enquiry by the appropriate authorities.

I think the term *child abuse is a bit far fetched in regards to a child care centre closing without notice.

Unethical yes.
Disgraceful yes.
Child abuse? No.

Businesses fail all the time due to poor management. This one is no different. They have had finiancial problems for years. While it is unfortunate for the children, the families and the staff affected by the sudden closure it most certainly isn’t abuse.

Perhaps not child abuse. But these children have lost what amounts to their home away from home, the teachers have become like family to Ava and she’s been separated from her closest friends and I doubt she’ll see them again. It’s emotional neglect when the outcome was a foreseeable conclusion for the very rich owner (who clearly took all the profits out of the business and lived a lavish lifestyle) and left little children without an opportunity to say goodbye to their teachers and friends. The owner should never operate another child care centre if he doesn’t appreciate the impact this will have on so many kids. There will be tears and tantrums for days, weeks maybe months as Ava requests to go to her kindy instead of a new one. We should’ve been given the opportunity to prepare for this. I’m bloody angry! A total stranger who has never shown his face in this kindy has destroyed so many lives. Teachers, admin, cleaners, cooks without a job and let go without notice. Families left to make a hasty decision about kindy with one business days notice. Shame on the owner or owners! By the way the jewellery I gave you (5 large tubs of children’s sterling silver) to sell to put towards the staff social fund and/or purchase more arts and crafts for the kids – I want it all back!!!!

I feel for all those involved especially those poor families and their children, it’s hard enough leaving your children in care as it is and to find somewhere you trust to ensure the health,safety and well being of them is a huge decision. I was lucky enough to find a beautiful centre – Little Gems, Helensvale . The loving staff their helped my son ( nearly 2 ) transition beautifully from Family Day Care into a bigger learning environment.

A double blow to the poor staff. First a reduction in hours due to Covid and then when things are looking promising to get their hours back they loose their jobs. So unfair and poorly handled by the CEO. The kids also have been attached to the staff that they see daily and had many friends that they will no longer see. All this in under 24 hours and still with no official reason. I have also heard that there are many staff that have not been paid super so hopefully those responsible will be made accountable.

It is reprehensible, especially as the owner has been in financial difficulties for a few years now and he obviously wasn’t letting people know. Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s spent their super on one of his luxury cars (they’ve all been impounded I’m told).

Who is this a***hole? Those teachers are wonderful and the way they managed the COVID crisis was exceptional! Why did he not give families notice that there was a crisis and we needed to find a new kindy? At least then I would’ve had the opportunity to not only find out where Ava’s closest friends were going but have the chance to thank the wonderful staff that have provided such wonderful care to our little girl. Shame on him!!! I hope the staff get paid everything they’re owed and he loses the lot!

How awful for those involved, I truly feel for all those families left in the lurch like that. It can be hard to find that special place where you feel comfortable to leave your most prized possessions.

For all those families looking, I highly recommend Little Gems, Helensvale. They can be contacted on 07 5529 8984. My daughter (14 months) attends there. It is a beautiful family operated centre with amazing staff. My daughter just adores her teachers and she can’t wait to jump out of my arms and play upon every arrival.

My daughter attends for Afterschool care. Can confirm that I did not receive any message about the closure. They took bookings for vacation care these coming holidays.
Notified by my daughters school today as she was not collected. I had to leave work 30mins away to collect her from the school office.
Disgraceful! Head office responsible should not be allowed to provide further childcare services.

Two weeks after this has happened and yet the employees still do not know what is happening or have had any entitlements paid out. That is two week the poor workers have had no work and no pay. Considering from what fairwork says all entitlements are to be paid with in 7 days of last working day.

I hope Scott Hookey any anyone else involved get prison time for all their fraud and wage theft.