Shock data prompts warning to NYE party-goers: Plan a safe trip home

GOLD COASTERS who aren’t planning on holding back this New Year’s Eve are being urged to plan a safe trip home, after startling new data revealed alcohol contributed to 27 pedestrian deaths in Queensland since 2013.

The RACQ’s Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said Queensland Police statistics, analysed by RACQ, showed alcohol was a factor in one in six pedestrian deaths over this period.

“It’s sad to hear alcohol’s linked to such a large percentage of senseless pedestrian deaths on our roads,” Mr Spalding said.


“This New Year’s Eve, we’re reminding party-goers not to mix alcohol with making risky decisions as a pedestrian.

“Most people consider walking a safe alternative to getting home after having a night out, but it’s still incredibly dangerous.

“Alcohol impairs your decision-making skills, balance, co-ordination and reaction time and you need all of those things to cross the road safely.

“It’s the same as we see in driving, the more alcohol a pedestrian has had, the higher the risk of them being struck on the road by a vehicle.”

Before revellers hit the town, Mr Spalding urged them to consider how they would get home after ringing in the New Year.

“If you know you’ll be drinking tonight and can’t drive, consider the safest option now, and talk to your mates about how you’ll get home at the end of the evening,” he said.

“Book a rideshare in a safe location, ideally where you don’t have to cross a road, or look for the closest taxi rank and hail a cab.

“That little bit of extra planning before you go out, could save your life, or one of your friends’ lives.”

Alternative travel options to get your to and from your place safely this New Year’s Eve.


There are plenty of options for rideshare services on the Gold Coast. From Uber to DiDi to Ola, services will be available right through the night. BUT BE WARNED – there will be massive surcharges during peak times so it’s always best to book in advance.


Taxis will be in high demand tonight so if you plan to use them make sure to pre-book and allow some extra time in case your taxi is late. The highest peak time is usually around 7pm.

Your own car

If you’re being Sober Steve this evening then getting around in your own car COULD be an option for you and your friends. However, parking may be difficult and there may be some road closures around popular locations like Surfers Paradise due to celebrations.

Public transport

Nobody REALLY enjoys getting dolled up and hopping on a bus BUT it will be a good option from 7.45PM when tram, bus and most train services will be FREE. Yes, FREE! For more details on that CLICK HERE.


It’s a little more expensive than a rideshare or taxi BUT they can fit a few more people and you can split the bill with your mates.


FANCY AS! This in probably an option for a handful of people at best. If you can actually afford to chopper your way around town on  New Year’s Eve then GOOD FOR YOU. Also, can I come?