Nick Xenophon to quit Federal Parliament

Senator Nick Xenophon has revealed that he will be quitting Federal Parliament to run in the March 2018 South Australian election.

Mr Xenophon made the announcement in Adelaide a short time ago.

“After a decade in the State Parliament from 1997, in October 2007 I made the decision to stand for the Senate because I believed I could do more for SA as an independent in Canberra,” he told reporters.


“Since then, both as an independent and with the Federal party NXT, with my colleagues Rebekha and Skye and Stirling we’ve punched well above our weight for SA.

“Whether its subs or ships or steel, fighting for the River Murray, boosting apprenticeships, Solar Thermal for Port Augusta, funding for Proton Therapy and much more, I’d like to think we’ve done our bit to help our State.

“But since the massive power blackout last year and our record power prices, I have concluded they are symptoms of a much bigger and deeper problem.

“I’ve decided that you can’t fix South Australia’s problems in Canberra without first fixing our broken political system back home.

“I announce today my intention to run as the SA-BEST candidate for the seat of Hartley – my electorate, I’m a true local, I’ve lived there for decades.”

Mr Xenophon confirmed he will remain in the senate until the high court determines the outcome of his citizenship case.

“I will remain in the Senate fighting for the State, until the High Court determines the outcome of the so-called citizenship case affecting me and six others, to be heard next week,” he said.

“While my lawyers are confident I will succeed, whatever the outcome, once that decision is handed down I will be in a position to leave the Senate.”