Shock jock 1 – Barnaby Joyce 0

The Federal Agriculture Minister has responded angrily to news that a radio shock jock has been let off the hook despite making controversial comments.

Broadcaster Kyle Sandilands raised a few eyebrows after calling Barnaby Joyce an “insensitive wanker” during an interview.

Kyle made the comment after Mr Joyce threatened in May to have Actor Johnny Depp’s dogs euthanased if they were not deported from Australia.


Yorkshire Terriers Pistol and Boo had been brought in from the United States on a private flight and had never been declared to authorities.

Their cover was blown when a dog clipper posted a picture on social media of the pair with their new hair cuts.  They had been staying at the Coomera home of motorcycle ace Mick Doohan.

Mr Joyce said after hearing the news that he was qualified to put the dogs down himself if they were not sent packing.

Sydney KISS 1065 host Sandilands spoke to the Minister a few days later throwing a bunch of insults his way including calling him “a gerbil of a thing”, “a loser”, “an idiot”, before telling him he sounded like “an absolute clown”.

Mr Joyce’s office lodged a complaint with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), arguing that the interview “contained language and behaviour that is outside the acceptable standards and norms of robust political debate and common decency in public broadcasting.”

But ACMA dismissed the complaint, saying that Mr Sandilands’ language did not breach the Commercial Radio Codes of Practice, and that these were acceptable, given the context and audience.

Mr Joyce said he was disappointed with ACMA’s findings.

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