Shocked shopper’s disturbing BBQ chicken discovery

If you have a bit of a weak stomach you may want to look away now.

A man has been left gobsmacked after opening up his Woolworths hot roast chicken to find the neck and head of the chook still attached.

Andrew Lindner took to Facebook to share the horror find with the supermarket.


“So is this a new thing? Woolworths chicken with the head still attached?” Mr Lindner wrote alongside a photo of the BBQ chicken in question.

While Woolworths didn’t respond to the post on social media, the supermarket issued a statement to confirming they would be investigating.

“We pride ourselves on providing high-quality roast chickens to our customers and we regret that this customer received one well below our usual standards,” the spokesperson said.

“It is clearly unacceptable and we are following up with our chicken supply partners and with our in-store team to understand how this happened.”

The spokesperson said it appeared to be a one-off incident.

“We’re unaware of any complaints of a similar nature on our roast chickens at this time,” they said.

“We have contacted the customer and apologised for their experience.

“We will offer them a refund in recognition of the roast chicken they received.”