Shocking details emerge over activities of two infected 19yos

Horrific allegations are emerging about the activities of two 19-year-old girls, who are accused of bringing coronavirus back into Queensland by lying to border police.

The two returned positive tests over Tuesday night, the first two cases of the virus to be diagnosed in the Sunshine State that weren’t in hotel quarantine since May.

It’s prompted grave fears of an outbreak across the southeast, with both girls both out and about within the community for eight days before finally getting tested.


It’s understood the girls both live in large households as well, with a number of close contacts now having to be quarantined.

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Hundreds of people across the Logan, Springfield and Acacia Ridge area had to be tested yesterday, putting the whole region on notice.

As health authorities scramble to contact trace, more and more details are coming to light over exactly where the pair have been and where they may have become infected, as a criminal investigation gets underway.

Police are reportedly looking into whether the girls provided fake names and addresses on their border passes to avoid the mandatory hotel quarantine rule in place.

There are also allegations that the pair attended an illegal party while in Melbourne, which had to be broken up by police.

Once returning to the state, one of the girls is believed to have worked two days at the Parklands Christian College before calling in sick.

It’s understood she went to the doctor on Saturday where she was told to get tested immediately, but was still out and about in the community until finally going to get tested on Monday.

Between the test and receiving the result, it’s reported she was still out and about.

A 22-year-old sister of one of the girls has already tested positive as well, with health authorities putting out a long list of businesses that the three have visited over the last week and a half.

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At least 15 close contacts of the girls have been moved into hotel quarantine, with authorities afraid they’d otherwise violate their self-isolating directive.

Here’s the list of locations authorities can trace so far.

Anyone who’s visited any of the businesses listed below is being urged to get tested immediately.


Detail Suburb Date Time

VA863 – Mel – Syd

VA977 – Syd – Bne

21 July 2020
Parklands Christian College Park Ridge 22-23 July 2020 9.30am-6pm
Madtongsan IV Restaurant Sunnybank 23 July 2020 7-9pm
Heeretea -Bubble Tea Shop Sunnybank 23 July 2020 9.25pm
YMCA Chatswood Hills Outside School Hours Care Springwood 23-24 July 2020 All
Primary Medical and Dental Practice Browns Plains 24 July 2020 3.30-3.50pm
Thai Peak Restaurant Springfield 26 July 2020 6.30-9pm
Cowch Dessert Cocktail Bar Southbank 27 July 2020 All
P’Nut Street Noodles Southbank 27 July 2020 All
African Grocery Shop Woodridge (Station Rd) 28 July 2020 All
Primary Medical and Dental Practice Browns Plains 28 July 2020 12.25-12.30pm
Chatime Grand Plaza Browns Plains 28 July 2020 All

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Who pays for the hotel?

They better be as they should have done in the first place

The tax payers of QLD pick up the tab for all of these people.
The fines wont even cover that expense.
Then there are the costs associated with community testing etc. which is extremely expensive.
It just goes on and on$$$$,

Both those assholes should be put in jail. Minimum 5 years. Make an example of them.

These irresponsible, inconsiderate bloody idiots better be thrown in jail for 6 months and fined.

Why is the media insisting on referring to them as ‘girls’?These are women, who are over the voting age and can be tried as adults in court. Girls, my a***.

they are behaving like immature girls. to me they are nothing but criminals

Well which is it immature girls or criminals…..

second wave here we come knew something would happen it was just when to close to home for me I think hit them hard jail