Shocking diagnosis for 3-year-old with “common cold”

It’s cold and flu season, which means it’s germopalooza time, especially at daycare centres and schools.

Kids are routinely being sent home with sore tummies, warm foreheads and chirpy coughs.

So when local mum Tammy Leitch got a call from her kindy in Robina saying her son Blaise had a temperature, she wasn’t overly concerned. She took him to the doctor, and for the next few days he was off his food and his fever persisted.


Next stop was the GCUH and a blood test – which was the moment that changed their life.

“The doctor opened his blood results and said something doesn’t look right with his blood results and said Blaise needed to be admitted immediately. The doctor started rattling off things it could be, then out came the ‘leukaemia’ word. My heart just dropped,” Tammy says.

It happened to be Tammy’s birthday, and her phone lit up with messages and calls – but she couldn’t take a single one as she was overwhelmed for her son. Blaise underwent more tests and had a cannula inserted.

“The next day the doctor was very blunt and to the point and said it does look like your son has leukaemia. He will need to be transferred via ambulance to Queensland children’s hospital in Brisbane. We all started crying. It was such an unexpected diagnosis.”

The family has now temporarily relocated to Brisbane while Blaise begins his chemo treatment, Mum Tammy has had to take at least six months off work, while dad commutes between his job and Brisbane.

The family still has two other boys to take care of, rent to cover, bills to pay: life goes on after a horrific diagnosis like this, even if their world has been rocked.

If you can spare a couple of dollars to help this local family support little Blaise in this battle, please donate here!

“We have travel expenses and ongoing medical expenses including a lot of medicines, so any money donated will assist with all these expenses and help us to be able to be with Blaise 24/7,” Tammy says. “Any amount donated would be greatly appreciated.”

Read more about how little Blaise has been coping since his diagnosis in early June and donate to his cause here – even $5 will help cover hospital parking or a coffee break for exhausted parents, so please dig deep!