Shocking number of Gold Coast drivers caught speeding during police blitz

Police have busted 22 drivers speeding during a major crackdown on the northern Gold Coast.

The three-hour police blitz took place yesterday and focused predominately on those breaking the law on Stanmore Road in Yatala.

It’s part of a state-wide operation currently underway to help reduce the alarming number of lives lost on Queensland roads this year.


So far more than 117 lives have been lost on the state’s roads, which is 20 more than the same period last year.

During Wednesday’s operation in Yatala, four of the 22 motorists caught speeding were travelling more than 40km over the 80km speed limit.

The highest speed recorded was a motorcyclist who was busted doing 172km/h, while one learner driver copped a hefty fine after being detected at 116km/h.

He was also issued infringements for driving unaccompanied and not displaying his L-plates.

Superintendent David Johnson said officers have already issued more than 3,100 fines for speeding in the first week of the operation.

“This means more than 3,100 people have made a decision to put their own life and the lives of others at risk by speeding – and they are only the ones we have detected,” he said.

Anyone thinking about putting their foot down on the pedal is being warned they will be caught.

“People can expect to see us when they least expect it… The message is simple – slow down and save lives,” Superintendent Johnson said.


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Good work QLD Police.
More people have died on our roads than Covid 19.
Should be mandatory lose of license for min 30 days!