Shocking number of Qld motorists caught using mobile phones

Queensland’s new mobile phone detection cameras have nabbed a whopping 1000 drivers in just two weeks of operation.

The new cameras have been rolled out in secret destinations across the state as part of a six-month-trial, which means no fines will be handed out during the trial period.

However, Minister for Main Roads Mark Bailey said the mobile cameras will become a permanent fixture from next year and warned motorists they will be caught.


“Next year these cameras will roll out on Queensland roads all over the state and they will move around,” he said.

“These cameras capture people doing really crazy stuff behind the wheel that they shouldn’t be doing, so if you’re doing those sorts of silly things with your mobile phone behind the wheel we will catch you.”

Minister Bailey said the cameras are disguised quite well and won’t always be in the same spot, making it harder for motorists to keep track.

“These cameras are hard to spot, you’ve got to really know what to look for,” he said.

“It’s a lot simpler just to do the right thing and put your phone down.”

In Queensland, the fine for using your mobile phone while driving is $1000 and 4 demerit points.