SHOCKING SCENES: Children trampled as chopper drops 30,000 Easter eggs on Gold Coast oval [video]

CHILDREN have been trampled and pregnant women knocked to the ground after a stampede broke out when a helicopter dropped thousands of chocolate Easter eggs on a school oval on the Gold Coast.

Thousands of men, women, children and babies gathered on the oval at Upper Coomera State College to watch the chopper drop the eggs on Good Friday.

But the event, organised by Forward Church, quickly erupted into chaos when the thousands of tiny Easter treats rained from the sky. Scroll down to watch the video.


The enormous crowd, which was held back from the drop zone, broke boundary ropes and rushed towards the centre of the oval, resulting in a crushing stampede.

Video footage captured by a child clutching a GoPro camera (see it below) shows children being shoved the ground, stepped on, and smothered as the crowd swooped on the eggs.

Many children can be heard crying, screaming and gasping for air in the shocking footage as they are trampled by other kids, teenagers and in some cases, even adults.

Miraculously, though, there have so far been no reports of any serious injuries.

It’s understood the helicopter was tasked to drop a total of 30,000 eggs onto the oval in separate stages to avoid such scenes.

However, after releasing the first round of eggs for the younger children, the pilot was forced to abandon the remaining drops when the crowd stormed onto the field.

One woman who was at the event said the stampede would never have occurred if the crowd had followed the instructions.

“The first drop was for kids aged 0-3. But no, all the big kids ran in,” the woman said.

“Clearly parents didn’t explain to the kids how it was supposed to work. Once all the kids ran in, the helicopter had to stop dropping eggs.”

Hundreds of outraged parents have since flooded Facebook, many slamming the organisers of the event while others blame te crowd for not following instructions.

“It was such a shame,” one mother wrote. “What could have been a great talk around the dinner table has now turned into a “lets never do that again” topic.”

“My child was lost and whilst trying to find him between the crowds of people with bags full of eggs, children crying or parents whining, there were adults punching on.”

The woman said she was disappointed at “some of the behaviour from the community” but did not blame the church.

“I don’t fault the church as it was out of kindness that they held this event, I do however think more thought needed to go into the planning such as (the presence of) police officers.

“My three children didn’t receive any eggs from the actual drop but one did get handed 7 eggs from a church member which my child shared with his two siblings and two friends.”

Another horrified mother said the event was a complete “nightmare”.

“I went to this with my four kids this morning and will never do it again, ever,” she said.

“Kids and parents were actually pushing and barging over little kids. It was not organised or manned properly. The thought was great but in reality, it was an absolute nightmare.”

Meanwhile, one woman claims a greedy “older lady” pinched her child in a fit of rage.

“My 8yr old has pinch marks on his arm from an older lady yelling at him while pinching him to move so she could dive in on the chocolates,” she said.

The shocking scenes were captured on camera. We warn the footage may distress some viewers.

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