Shot Dog Squad officer reflects on ‘hard’ two years following guilty verdict

AN emotional Sergeant Gary Hamrey has thanked his ‘wing man’ and the ‘cast of thousands’ who helped him through the past two years.

The Gold Coast dog squad officer was shot in the face at close range while tracking two armed robbers in the dark in September 2013.

Today, the man who pulled the trigger, Robert George Speedy, was found guilty of attempted murder.


“It’s a big relief, because I think it vindicated our actions that occured (on that night),” Sgt Hamrey told media following the handing down of the verdict in Brisbane.

“The jury and the judicial system did what they had to do.”

He was joined by Senior Constable Steve Cook, who he called his ‘wing man’.

“If it wasn’t for Steve (that night) could have turned out very differently. It’s safe to say, he’ll always be on my Christmas card list,” Sgt Hamrey joked.

“It’s a bit of a hard journey to get back after an incident like this, but we’ve managed to get back on the horse and continue with our policing career. We’ve had great support.”

“It’s actually been quite an eye-opener because in something like this you don’t realise how many people are involved.

“You have your work colleagues, but you have other people that come to your aid – QAS officers, doctors, the investigative team, scientific, forensic team – a cast of thousands that are involved in something this.

“It’s wonderful to see how the big wheel turns when you’re on the other side.

“They’ve done a wonderful job and that verdict is indicitive of that professionalism and the level of expertise they’ve displayed.

“They do that, not just for me, but for everyone – the public, every morning when they do their job.”

Speedy, 49, and his accomplice Jake Watson robbed the Arundel Tavern on September 26 2013, stealing $40,000 from the safe before hiding in the backyard of a Parkwood property as Police searched for them.

Sgt Hamrey and his Police dog Biff tracked the pair, before Speedy fired a rifle at close range.

The bullet went through his cheek, but he managed to return and helped to prevent the thieves’ getaway.

He spent two days in hospital recovering from the wound.

Speedy will be sentenced at a later date, alongside Watson.