Showdown looms on Dancing with the Stars

THE FIGHT for the famed Glitter Ball is ramping up, with just over 24-hours until the Dancing with the Stars Grand Finale.

Just three couples remain from the dozen who started the Network 10 celebrity dancing competition.

Courtney Act, Samuel Johnson and Constance Hall will step on to the stage in the epic showdown on Monday night.


The winner not only takes home the sparkly trophy, but also gets $50,000 for their chosen charity.

Courtney, whose real name is Shane Jenek, has been the stand-out performer all season, not only for her incredible dancing but the ability to keep pushing the boundaries with partner Josh Keefe.

The fabulous drag queen is dancing for Black Rainbow.

Samuel has been dancing his heart out for his own charity, Love Your Sister, which funds cancer research.

The Gold Logie-winning actor has become more prominent in Aussie households in recent years for his tireless endeavour to raise money for the charity founded in honour of his sister’s battle with cancer. Connie lost her fight in 2017.

Blogger, author and mother of seven Constance feared going on the TV show would bring out even more ‘online trolls’ than she’s used to. But an army of followers have secured her place in the top three.

Her charity is Rafiki Mwema.

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Yesterday I saw the stage I’ll be preforming on on Monday night for the grand finals. It is a mega stage. Honestly tears came into my eyes. Who am I and what the fuck am I doing on this stage? My son was with me, climbing all over the set, looking up at this mega stage that mumma’s preforming on. I feel like Lady Gaga. I know I am not at the same level as the other dances in this competition, but I have never even stepped foot on a stage before this, I had never performed for a live audience. My core was completely destroyed from 5 babies. Gustavo and I have worked days and nights to get my body, my confidence and my co-ordination at the level it’s now at to preform on Monday night. People comment time and time again that I don’t belong here, that I’m not good enough or that they just don’t like me. Well I’m here mother fuckers. I’m here. With my moment, on this mega stage. The most surreal moment of my life. Thank you. You have proven that love wins. The weird people that decided they would bully me, embarrass me and do whatever they could to destroy me, aren’t winning. We are. And coming second or third is the biggest achievement of my life. But coming first and giving the haters the finger with the mirror ball in my hand is even better. 2 days to go!!!!! Please vote your hearts out Queens!!!! The link is in my stories and text my name to 19951010 It’s time to go hard. Get your family to vote, friends, hassle people on the street!! We got this far!!!! Let push this baby across the finish line 💖

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For their first dance, the couples will perform their favourite routines again. Constance will bust out to Amy Winehouse, Courtney will camp it up with Ginger Rogers and Samuel will perfect his jazz hands for Mr Bojangles.

For the second number they’ll look to dazzle the judges with a freestyle dance.

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