Silence of the Hams

FINALLY, we have a Liberal politician who listens to the electorate and stands up to the government to defend their constituents!

Unfortunately, it is not one of the Gold Coast’s pampered princesses.

Yesterday I called for Moncrieff MP Steve Ciobo to stop posturing on TV for a moment and instead stand up for the local radio stations that are getting screwed by double-dipping multinational record companies.


So imagine my delight when he suddenly turned up all over radio and television, again, talking about a politician being an advocate for constituents.

Alas, he was not talking about himself. And he was not exactly defending that politician.

Mr Ciobo – who failed to heed my gentle hint about his looming over exposure in the national media – was defending the Prime Minister against a Liberal colleague who called Tony Abbott a liar.

Liberal backbencher Sharman Stone was furious Mr Abbott blamed SPC Ardmona’s financial troubles on the workers, who mostly live in her electorate, having overly generous conditions.

Which is a bit rich coming from a politician. But that’s for another day.

So Ms Stone called it as she saw it and labelled the PM a liar, reeling off a bunch of facts (remember those?) about what the workers really earn.

“I understand her desire to be a very strong advocate for her area,” Mr Ciobo said.

Really Stevie? Do you really?

Of course there’s a butt, oops, I mean but – the Federal Government had to make decisions in the national interest, he explained.

So what exactly is the point of having local Members of Parliament ‘representing’ us in Canberra if they don’t actually represent us?

Anyone? Anyone?

Therefore, in the interest of, well, democracy, I have come up with five reasons why Mr Ciobo should stand up for the small local businesses in his city that are trying to run radio stations while the multinationals demand they pay extra for online simulcasts:

  1. It is a Member of Parliament’s job to represent their constituents.
  2. It’s a Member of Parliament’s … ummm, no, actually, that’s all I’ve got – IT’S HIS JOB!

Remember, if you think Mr Ciobo should take some time out from his busy round of national media appearances to support the local radio stations AND listeners on the Gold Coast, give him a call.

The lines are now open.

Steven Ciobo (Liberal MP) Moncrieff
Phone: 07 5504 6000
Fax: 07 5504 6944

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