Silver Service raises the standard for luxury taxi services

There’s nothing worse than trying to organise a last-minute ride when you’re out with friends. Whether it’s toggling between apps trying to find the best price or a 20-minute wait, it can put a damper on your travel plans. Fortunately, Silver Service raises the standard for luxury taxi services and covers Brisbane and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re travelling to the southern outskirts of the city or west to the Hinterland they’ll keep you riding in style.

Here are six reasons to consider Silver Service to keep your night moving in luxury.

1. No surge pricing
Unlike other taxi companies, Silver Service doesn’t believe in surge pricing. A taxi doesn’t need to be more expensive when you need them most. So whether you’re travelling to dinner or home at the end of the night, you’ll know the full price when you book the taxi. Your plans might also change so Silver Service doesn’t charge late or cancellation fees.

2. Fleet of luxury vehicles
Another great benefit of Silver Service is their fleet of luxury vehicles. No matter where you’re going or when you book, every vehicle is no more than three years old and a premium brand like Mercedes or Lexus. Plus, all cars are equipped with security cameras to ensure a safe journey.

3. Price guarantee
When you book using Silver Service app, you always get a price guarantee. If you book online, you’ll get a fare estimate, and the quote you receive is the price you’ll pay. This way, you can plan and book your ride in advance without worrying whether the price will change when it arrives. The fare estimator is great when you’re trying to budget the travel you might need for a special occasion, an airport transfer, or a parcel pick up.

4. Book 7 days in advance
Silver Service taxi allows you to book one of their luxury vehicles seven days before your trip. You can book your trip through the Silver Service app, their website, or their 24/7 number at 133 100. All you need to provide is your pickup address, drop-off destination and preferred service.

5. Professional driver
Silver Service allows you to travel in luxury with their team of experienced drivers who know the Brisbane area like the back of their hands. Simply sit back and enjoy the ride. Found a driver you’d like to use again? You can save them in the app for future trips.

6. Easy to use app
When you download the Silver Service app, you can book a luxury sedan with an experienced driver using their fast, one-tap booking system. Booking through the app helps you lock in a price, save preferred drivers for future trips, track your ride on-screen in real-time and share your trip with friends and family.

It also makes it easy to pay using flexible payment options, including debit, credit, Apple and Google Pay. The Silver Service app is free to download and available for iPhone and Android.

Book a Silver Service taxi and arrive in luxury for your next trip.