Sinkhole the size of a football field swallows vehicles at Queensland camping ground

SCHOOL Holiday campers at tranquil Rainbow Beach, just north of the Sunshine Coast, have been rudely awoken by a giant sinkhole.

Measuring 100-metres square and about three-metres deep, the football field-sized hole swallowed a caravan, camper trailer and car around 11pm on Saturday.

It’s reported, one woman ran screaming through the Inskip Point camping ground rousing her neighbours by banging on caravans and yelling for people to get out.


Around 200 people were evacuated, but no one has been reported injured and everyone has been accounted for.

Sunshine Coast company Clayton’s Towing shared photos and an incredible story of mayhem on their Facebook page.

“Two Claytons employees and friends … had camped approx 200 metres from the beach next to the boundary fence of the campsite and heard a noise like a storm,” they posted.

Tyre tracks to no where, as water takes over the land. Image: Facebook/Clayton's Towing

Tyre tracks to no where, as water takes over the land.
Image: Facebook/Clayton’s Towing

“The sand was rapidly disappearing into the ocean at a amazing speed. They only just got their 4wds and caravans out with seconds to spare as their campsite disappeared 3 metres down into the ocean.”

“A 4wd, large caravan, camper trailer, tents etc on the site next to them all got swallowed into the ocean.”

In 2011 the same area was affected by a sinkhole estimated to be 50-metres deep.

It’s not known if last night’s hole is linked to a number of recent small earthquakes in the Fraser Island region.