Sister of Surfers brawl victim warns of scam donation pages

The sister of the man who died as a result of a brawl in Surfers Paradise is urging friends and family not to donate to any fundraisers in his name.

Ivan Susin was knocked unconscious on Orchid Avenue in the early hours of October 1, after allegedly being caught up in a brawl over stolen food.

He was placed in an induced coma following the incident, though sadly passed away in hospital on Friday afternoon.


The Brazilian community gathered on the Gold Coast over the weekend to pay tribute.

Meantime Ivan Susin’s sister, who’s believed to be making her way to Australia now, has taken to Facebook to warn people not to donate to any fundraisers in Ivan’s name.

Joseane’s Facebook post loosely translates to the following:

“Friends! I hear you’re getting links to help about Ivan!

“Please don’t hurt anything because I didn’t do it. I’m on the destination of Australia I wouldn’t have internet access to do.

“When there is a link to help I announce here! I’m discredited of people!”

Meantime, the man accused of throwing the fatal punch is due back in court on Wednesday.

Another man who was allegedly involved in the brawl will face Southport court today.

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