Sit back and enjoy a film at this year’s Gold Coast Show

Lights, camera, action! The Gold Coast Show’s Film Festival is back this weekend, exposing local artistic talent.

John Martin Cass (JMC) Academy, a leading creative industry institution, will for its first year be running the Gold Coast Shows film festival.

The film festival gives emerging filmmakers between 13 and 20 years a chance to get noticed and receive recognition for their work.


Films will be judged on August 30 by three industry professionals, known for their work nationally and internationally – Jennifer Ussi, Ben Hackworth and Steven Caldwell.

Head of the JMC Academy Film and Television Department Jennifer Ussi says they will be doing an outside broadcast during the show, as well as running the Film Festival’s Awards Afternoon.

“The judging panel will go through all the films, and then we will run an awards afternoon to recognise all the hard work and creativity of these filmmakers,” Ms Ussi says.

“Being a family Show, general regulations for the entries prohibit violence or X-rated material, however the subject is open for all films, with a run time of under four minutes.

“We are always looking for story, creativity and a voice – filmmakers that have a unique style that they are developing.”

Ms Ussi says each group will be eligible for a Best Film Award, incorporating a 1st prize of $100, a 2nd prize of $50, and a small trophy for the winner.

“This year we will be having category awards as well, including Best Cinematography, Best Script, Best Director and Best Editor,” Ms Ussi says.

“This will win students a voucher to a High School Film Workshop we run on some weekends and a certificate.

“Entering a competition as such will look great on the CV and will really be a memorable experience – it truly is just like the Oscars, just a little smaller!”

The Gold Coast Show is on at the Gold Coast Turf Club on August 28, 29 and 30.