Questions raised over Malaysia Airlines pilot

QUESTIONS have been raised about the conduct of a missing Malaysia Airlines pilot, after a woman claims she was entertained in the cockpit of a previous flight.

Co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid is among the 239 people feared dead after Beijing bound plane went missing last weekend, with six Australian’s on board.

A South African woman visiting Melbourne claims she smoked and had photos taken with him in the cockpit during a 2011 flight from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur.


Malaysia Airlines says it’s shocked by the allegations aired in the program.

Meanwhile, two suspect men who were travelling on board the missing plane with stolen passports appear to have been Iranian illegal immigrants.

Interpol has identified the men who boarded the flight using stolen European passports as young Iranian migrants, who may have been seeking a new life overseas.

Interpol says the more information it gets, the more it’s inclined to conclude the incident wasn’t a terrorist attack.

Three Australian couples, including two holidaying together, are among those on board the missing jet.

Malaysian airlines Bris couple

Cathy and Bob Lawton  were travelling together with friends Mary and Rodney Burrows (both pictured above courtesy of the family).

The family of the Burrow’s say they’re hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

Rod and Mary Burrows’ family released a statement yesterday thanking those involved in the search operation.

A couple from Sydney is also believed to have been on board the plane.

A full-scale international search-and-rescue effort is underway, with ships and aircraft from Malaysia, Vietnam, China and the Philippines taking part.

Authorities have meanwhile doubled the search radius around the point where the Boeing 777 disappeared over the South China Sea on Saturday.