Six years in jail for failing to do housework?

I’ve never been to Italy, but by all accounts it seems to be an incredible country. It boasts delicious food, beautiful landscapes, a culture steeped in history and a reputation for romance – what’s not to love?

Perhaps the legal system, for one thing.

After all, it’s currently allowing a man to sue his wife for a reason that is truly bewildering: because she doesn’t do enough housework.


According to reports, the 47-year-old husband says he has been forced to “live in conditions with poor hygiene” as his wife has neglected cleaning their house – a matter that makes him feel “insulted”.

He also claims that he buys fresh produce, which his wife doesn’t use, so it generally ends up in the bin as she rarely cooks. He complains that her “mistreatment” has been going on for two years.

Astoundingly, if we’re to believe the original source, the man’s 40-year-old wife will go to trial to defend herself against his malicious claims on October 12.

Even more shockingly, she could spend up to six years in jail if she’s found guilty of… failing to cook or clean enough?

I have to say, it all sounds a little suspicious to me. There’s got to be more to this story, surely?

This can’t just be about having a partner who doesn’t pull their weight around the house – can it?

And does Italy really have legislation that governs how clean and tidy its citizens need to be in his or her own home?

It almost seems like this article has got just enough detail (such as dates, ages and locations) to make it sound plausible – which is why its been picked up by dozens of media outlets around the globe – but it’s hard to ascertain whether it’s a genuine story.

In saying that, there is one extra tidbit of information that does helps to illuminate the issue.

According to the man’s supposed complaint, he does have one other sore spot: on occasion, his wife has kicked him out of their bedroom. So basically, it all comes down to sex.

Hopefully this is just a joke, or a story that has been misreported, Chinese whispers style. Because if this man wins, there’s likely to be a class action filed!

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