Gold Coast Skin care brand joins re-use revolution

Single-use plastic bags have been given the flick and now an Australian skin care company is looking at other ways to reduce waste.

MooGoo is now offering a re-filling option with a goal of reducing the number of new bottles needed for personal care.

In a statement released on Monday, CEO and founder Craig Jones said that although the packaging of MooGoo products is recyclable, they can do more to help consumers become ‘reusers’.


“More than 120 million units of packaging is produced each year by the global cosmetics industry,” Mr Jones explains.

“The cardboard that wraps perfumes, serums and moisturisers contribute to the loss of 18 million acres of forest each year,” he added.

The company is also looking at giving customers the option of buying re-fill pouches, so they can be packed flat, sent back and re-filled.

“The best part is it doesn’t have to mean compromising on affordability or become a burden on time.”

Any MooGoo container or bottle can be refilled, for 30 per cent below the original cost, as long as it’s clean and in good condition.