Sky diver lands safely after chute malfunction

There has been a close call for some sky divers in Coolangatta.

An airport worker reported seeing six people jump but only five parachutes open on Wednesday morning.

Cathy said she and some colleagues were at work at Gold Coast airport when they saw several people leap out of a plane but noticed one chute did not seem to be opening.


She said they were all saying to themselves “open up, open up, open up and it didn’t open”.

She said she often sees sky divers in the area and they generally land on Kirra Beach opposite Kirra Surf.

Cathy added they watched the plane circle overhead several times and it appeared to be looking for something.

Air Traffic Control has confirmed the one of the sky diver’s chutes did not open but his back-up or secondary did and everyone landed safely.

The Controller added that it is normal for a plane to circle after it has dropped off a group of parachutists.