Slain mother of four had DVO against killer husband

LIKE many women in her position, Karina Lock lived in fear of her husband. But, unlike thousands of others, the mother of four had the courage to walk away.

She had started a new life for herself on the Gold Coast, away from her violent husband. But the prospect of a fresh start was shattered when the 49-year-old was gunned down in front of horrified diners at the Helensvale McDonald’s on Thursday.

Police have confirmed, the Maryborough Magistrates Court issued  a domestic violence order against Stephen Lock, in December 2013. According to records, he never broke the order, which was due to expire this December.


But something set him off. He asked to meet with Karina, who had recently moved to the Gold Coast. She agreed.

Witnesses say they saw the couple arguing while sitting in a car in the car park of the McDonald’s restaurant on Thursday morning, shortly before the horrific attack.

A terrified Karina ran from the car to the front doors of the eatery, where she was shot by her husband, who then turned the gun on himself.

He died in hospital hours later.

Police are now looking into how Lock came to be in possession of the gun.

The devastating scenario raises many questions: Why did she agree to meet him? Did she think he had changed?

But the truth is, no one should feel scared to see the father/mother of their children.

The death of Karina came just two days after another mother lost her life, allegedly at the hands of her child’s father.

Tara Brown was allegedly rammed off the road by her ex-partner, Lionel Patea, in Molendinar on Tuesday. He’s accused of further attacking her with a metal object while she lay injured in the wreck.

In Australia, one woman is killed each week at the hands of an intimate partner.

On Sunday afternoon, the Gold Coast community is urged to come together in solidarity for the two Gold Coast women who were taken this week and the dozens of others who have lost their lives.

The White Ribbon Candle light Vigil for Victims of Domestic Violence will begin at 5.30pm at Doug Jennings Park.

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Locals are encouraged to bring their own candles and show solidarity.

If you wish to donate to the cause, head to the Everyday Hero website.