Sleeping kangaroo ‘stoned to death’ after being pelted with bricks by zoo-goers

A SLEEPING kangaroo has been ‘stoned to death’ at a Zoo in China’s south after visitors pelted it with rocks, bricks and chunks of concrete to try and wake it up.

It happened at the Fuzhou Zoo in Fujian province on February 28.

The 12-year-old female kangaroo died after a sharp stone severed her foot and caused internal bleeding, Chinese media reported.


The 12-year-old kangaroo who died after being ‘stoned’ to death | Source: Weibo

An autopsy later revealed one of the stones had ruptured the animal’s kidney, the ABC reported.

Days later, a five-year-old male kangaroo was left injured after being hit by part of a brick that had been flung into his enclosure.

Details of the abhorrent attacks were first made public this week.

One of the kangaroo’s on an intravenous drip | Source: Weibo

China Central Television reported the dead kangaroo would be stuff and put on display at the zoo, which is also looking to install additional security cameras.

In the meantime, the zoo has reduced the amount of kangaroos visible in the enclosure to three.

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Is anyone surprised by this?

This sort of thing happens all the time… Yet countries like China still seem to get their hands on native animals from different countries, including Australia.

This incident and animal cruelty is to China what guns are to America – the same stuff on a different day and nobody cares enough to do anything about it… Of course, I should point out that China aren’t the only ones that do this (just the worst offenders) – many Asian countries actively tolerate and/or encourage animal cruelty.