Slugged with a whopping rego fine

Nothing gives me a rage spiral quite like the one I get when I’m forced to pay an avoidable fee.

So I’m seeing red as I type this, because I’ve just been clocked with a doozy of a fee – it’s a whopping, giant, great big extra charge of 17%.

The worst past is, it’s completely my fault!


I was 24 hours late in paying my car registration renewal and this was no one’s fault but my own.

In saying that, the penalty for being one day late in paying is pretty bloody huge.

Because I missed the deadline, my registration renewal premium has gone up from $353 to $413. That’s an extra $60 – for being one day late!

Before you say it I know, I know, that I am in the wrong. I had over a month to pay this bill and I should have been more organised. But sometimes life gets in the way and paying bills gets pushed to the bottom of your to do list.

For this reason, I have every possible bill payment automated. They all come out of my credit card and I pay my credit card balance in full each month.

I wish an automated option were available with car rego.

Wouldn’t it be so convenient if registration renewals could be automatically deducted from your credit card when due?

Or an even better suggestion – what if the Department of Transport offered monthly payment plans?

You can do this with almost every other bill you pay: your car insurance, your car payments, even your home electricity bill. So why can’t we yet do it with car registration? Instead of having to find upwards of $700 every 12 months, we could just have a $50-$60 payment swiped from our bank or credit card account each month.

The cynical part in me thinks there’s a really good reason why the Dept of Transport doesn’t offer this payment method: because there are too many Disorganised Dylans like me and they can make a lot of money off us.

At least my rage spiral has now dimmed, and I feel slightly better after a rant.

Plus I’m going to make $50 for writing this column – so I’m only really down ten bucks. Happy days!