Small surf forces lay day at Bali Pro

ORGANISERS have been forced to call a lay day at the Corona Bali Pro due to an inconsistent swell at Keramas.

“Today’s call is that we will be off for today,” said Kieren Perrow, WSL Competition Director.

“We saw that swell bump up with the tide yesterday afternoon, which we were really happy with, but today there has been a noticeable fade in the size. We will come back tomorrow and reassess the conditions. We are not confident over the next few days that we will see too much improvement, but we will look to pick the windows when the tides are in our favor.


“From Saturday we will have three great days of swell so we plan to make the most of those conditions when they arrive but up until then we will be back tomorrow morning for another call.”

A number of Australians are still in the hunt for the title, including Adrian Buchan and Ryan Callinan, who both won their elimination heats late yesterday.

Jacob Willcox, Soli Bailey and Macy Callaghan were knocked out.

The Red Bull Airborne Bali is on standby for a potential start later this afternoon.