Smokers set to be taxed 70 cents for EVERY cigarette they buy in Australia

SMOKERS are being forced to fork out an extra couple of dollars for every packet of cigarettes they buy after the government jacked up its tax on tobacco.

The tobacco excise rose by eight cents per smoke on Friday, from 62 cents to 70 cents, increasing the price of a single cigarette to a bank-breaking $1.16.

That increases the price of the smallest packet of cigarettes (20s) available on the shelf by at least $1.60. A packet of 30s will jump by at least $2.40 and you’ll have to pay at least $3.20 more for a 40-pack.


The cost of a jumbo packet of 50s, however, will rise the most, setting you back at least an extra $4.

The price hike will take the cost of a 30-pack of Winfield Blues to around $35. Take the taxes away altogether, and the same packet would cost you just $14, or just 0.46 cents per smoke.

The increase was set out in May’s federal budget and is expected to be rolled out gradually over the next four years.

It is expected the tax rise will claw back around $360 million from smokers.

The federal government last year raked in more than $10 billion in tobacco tax revenue.