Smokin’ hot subwoofer sparks nationwide Subaru WRX recall

THE Subaru WRX and STI is being recalled nationwide over fears the car’s subwoofer may burst into flames.

A recall notice posted on the website says that “if cargo contacts the underside of the subwoofer that protrudes into the boot area in certain WRX and WRX STI vehicles made in 2015, an electrical short circuit may be created and this may cause the subwoofer to overheat”

“There’s a risk of fire if the subwoofer speaker overheats,” the notice reads.


It’s reported the recall was sparked after a WRX caught fire in Tasmania.

The company says owners will be contacted by Subaru and asked to present their vehicles to a Subaru dealer for “the installation of a spacer kit to prevent an electrical short circuit.”

To see if your Subaru is on the recall list, click here.