Smoking – how is this still a thing that people do?

I get why old people smoke, it’s because they have been doing it since decimal currency came in and they will probably die if they tried to stop.

Not only that but when they started not only were cigarettes were so cheap they were practically giving them away but it was actually a cool thing to do.

In the before time, in the long long ago, people who smoked were cool.


So when I see a 60, 50 or even 40 year old smoking sure I avoid them instantly and shake my head at their usual lack of respect for the lungs of other people, but some part of me does feel like that it is not all their fault that they are addicted to such a horrible beast.

Like if they knew then what we know now, a lot of these older people would be normal, sensible people who actually thought of others first like the rest of us.

But what I cannot fathom, what I simply do not understand at all, is how a young person smokes today.

Not only is a packet of cigarettes prohibitively expensive but smoking is about as cool as kicking a puppy dog and laughing about it.

Yep. That cool.

Plus in today’s world we KNOW unequivocally that it is not only bad for you but worse for everyone else.

So not only does it cost a lot it does nothing good for your social image AND it actually negatively impacts on people around you.

So I ask the question again.


Yesterday while driving I pulled up next to a group of four young guys (red P plates) all smoking with their hats on in a car that I wouldn’t trade my Austar remote for and I just couldn’t  comprehend just how stupid and/or selfish these people I was watching had to be.

Even ACA-watchers watch for free and can plausibly deny that they watch.

But these kids, and millions like them, just have no idea.

For a fleeting moment I felt like one of those old ‘damn kids and their skateboards’ grandpas as I shook my head at these morons.

Being in my early 30’s even my generation had some semblance of an excuse for taking up smoking given they could still buy packets that didn’t have cancer-ridden faces on them next to big SMOKING KILLS wording.

But today there are no excuses.

So why are kids still doing it?

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