Snapchat has made some major changes – for the better!

Popular photo and video sharing app Snapchat has unveiled two major changes.

In a blog post, Snapchat revealed that they were getting rid of the annoying ‘Auto Advance’ on stories and replacing it with a ‘stories playlist’.

“When we first built Auto Advance we wanted to make it easier to catch up with your friends by playing all of your Stories in recent updates back-to-back,” the company wrote.


“Unfortunately, this change made it impossible to individually choose which Story to watch. Sometimes we just want to see what our close friends or family are up to – not all of our friends – and Auto Advance prevented that.”

“Starting today for select Snapchatters in our Android community, the Auto Advance feature will be removed to give you control of your Story viewing experience once again!”

Now, instead of having to sit through unwanted stories, you can select which friends snaps you want to view by adding them to your ‘playlist’ – all you have to do is hit the thumbnail to the left of a friend’s name to add them to the list, then hit play.

The second change is that sponsored Discover stories are now going to appear below our friends snaps, which means we will no longer have to deal with accidentally clicking on an ad!

The changes are set to roll out to all snapchatters on IOS and android soon.