Snapper Rocks Surfriders Club issues call to arms for 50th anniversary

RIGHT across the worldwide surfing community, the official call is going out to locate Snapper members and supporters from eras past for an almighty reunion.

The Snapper Rocks Surfriders Club will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary next month with an array of events planned.

These include a sportsperson’s lunch and auction called the Snapper 50 Rocks Luncheon, a beach fun day and a retro-themed celebration night.


The three course luncheon will be held on Friday 29th August at Rainbow Bay Surf Club (all welcome, ticketed event), the beach fun day on Saturday 30th August (members event, non ticketed), and a retro-themed night of celebration and on 30th August from 4pm at Rainbow Bay Surf Club (all welcome, ticketed event).

Separate tickets for both the Sportperson’s lunch and the Reunion evening are now available for public purchase, and the club is calling on members past and present to get in early to avoid disappointment.

The Club is also on the hunt for archival images or video footage from Snapper club events or competitions to compile a slideshow that will be screened over the weekend’s festivities, and is calling on past members and the wider community to send in any contributions

For more information on the reunion weekend, visit